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Etymology: Gk, elaunein, to drive + meros, part
a synthetic rubber; any of various soft, elastic, rubberlike polymers used in dentistry as an impression material and for maxillofacial extraoral prostheses. elastomeric, adj.


Surgery A type of silicone used in the outer shell of a breast implant. See Silicone elastomer.


Elastoplastic ring or latex ring used to hold an arch wire in a bracket ring.

elastomer (ēlas´tōmur),

n a soft, rubberlike material; synthetic rubber. A rubber base impression material (e.g., silicone, mercaptan).
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One, called the polar chain, sticks out of the finished elastomer film and contains lots of oxygen, which attracts water molecules.
Introducing aliphatic PUR cast elastomer for highly transparent parts.
The recent launch of Momentive Performance Materials sets the stage for taking our well-established portfolio to a new level of value for the healthcare marketplace," said Jonathan Evans, general manager, RTVs and Elastomers, Momentive Performance Materials.
This chart is intended to be a convenient guide for chemists, designers and engineers, a starting point for designing and specifying elastomers.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Thermoplastic Elastomers in Thousands of Tons.
Which type of thermoplastic elastomer are you expecting the strongest growth in?
Silicone elastomers are important materials for many application areas such as automotive, electric and electronics, gaskets, domestic appliances, fabric coatings (e.
LIM6041 is a unique addition to the GE Silicones liquid elastomer portfolio.
The longest-established family of TPVs is Advanced Elastomer Systems' Santoprene.
Designed for use in gasketing and sealing applications both under-hood and on the automotive powertrain, FSL7586/40 elastomer can provide improved resistance to both lubricants and fuels, and it is characterized by a low compression set without need for post-cure operations.
In compound development, different elastomer bases will impart different degrees of nerve to a given compound.
SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 World Thermoplastic Elastomer Market Share, 2012 253