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Etymology: Gk, elaunein, to drive + meros, part
a synthetic rubber; any of various soft, elastic, rubberlike polymers used in dentistry as an impression material and for maxillofacial extraoral prostheses. elastomeric, adj.


Surgery A type of silicone used in the outer shell of a breast implant. See Silicone elastomer.


Elastoplastic ring or latex ring used to hold an arch wire in a bracket ring.

elastomer (ēlas´tōmur),

n a soft, rubberlike material; synthetic rubber. A rubber base impression material (e.g., silicone, mercaptan).
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It highlighted that the important contribution made to the UK economy by elastomers is not currently visible as a significant part of the strategic materials sector.
Noda reports washing the elastomer continuously for a week without rinsing off the polar surface, heating the material to 140 [degrees]F.
Another area of potential for OBCs is elastic films, where Affinity metallocene ULDPE elastomers already fill a niche in applications that require up to 100% stretch.
Momentive's healthcare offering includes high consistency elastomers, liquid silicone rubbers, gels, encapsulants and adhesives used in fluid and drug devices, peristaltic pump tubing, catheters and wound drains, respiratory masks and dialysis O-rings and other applications.
Italian firm makes polyester polyols, TPUs, PUR elastomers, and PUR systems for shoe soles, wheels, gaskets, auto parts.
Session 1: Trends and Growth in Silicone Elastomers
In this article, we highlight how Transfinity elastomer composites are structurally different from elastomer compounds mixed in the solid state.
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This chart is intended to be a convenient guide for chemists, designers and engineers, a starting point for designing and specifying elastomers.
Typically, elasticity in nonwovens can be provided by combining existing materials in a composite structure or by mechanical means," said George Racine, product manager Vistamaxx specialty elastomers, ExxonMobil Chemical.
ExxonMobil Chemical offers customers one of the industry's broadest portfolios of elastomer products.
53) Suitability of olefin block copolymers for thermoplastic elastomer applications.