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Wear comfortable shoes that give the leg support, wear tight elasticated stockings when out walking and never cross your legs when sitting down.
I even went as far as to wear a pair of extremely thick, elasticated stockings and spread oil on my hair to aid the ageing process.
It is their job to know that simple devices like elasticated stockings, or drugs costing just pounds 1 per patient a day, could cut the scandalous death toll in half.
A comfortable armchair or season ticket at the pub; bulk orders of lager and potato-based snacks; a copious supply of electro-charged staying-awake juice like Red Bull; eye wash; a very understanding partner; a book to skim through during the dull bits; and a pair of those elasticated stockings worn on long haul flights to combat the threat of deep vein thrombosis.
However, the recovery from calf liposuction is slow and you will have to wear elasticated stockings to control swelling of the lower legs for at least six weeks, and preferably longer.
He said both he and his late wife - who visited their daughter earlier this year in Singapore where she worked - both insisted on wearing elasticated stockings when they flew long-haul.
Wearing elasticated stockings can reduce pain, or see your doctor for treatment.
Before you go, buy some elasticated stockings which can help - and never cross your legs.
Elasticated stockings help prevent blood clots developing in the legs and are important for anyone overweight or with vein disease or high blood pressure.
Emma's brother Mark, 30, says: "We now know of one airline who are giving out special elasticated stockings to relieve the pressure, so they must be aware of the risks.
T hey may conjure up images of elasticated stockings, but the problem of varicose veins stretches all the way to the catwalks of Paris and Milan.