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This is seen in hypogonadal men after a short abstinence time and where ejaculation or emission of fluid is impaired, such as in neuromuscular diseases, after surgery, in cases of drug use, and in obstruction in the ejaculatory ducts, or with inflammation in the vesicles or prostate that may hinder emission.
Ejaculatory duct obstruction caused by a right giant seminal vesicle with an ipsilateral upper urinaiy tract agenesia: An embryologic malformation.
The differential diagnosis of cystic pelvic masses in the male includes mullerian duct and ejaculatory duct cysts, both of which are midline in location.
One clue was that one of the three theridiid tegular sclerites had a loop of the ejaculatory duct running through it.
Transrectal ultrasound and partial ejaculatory duct obstruction in male infertility.
There was not a site-specific preponderance for the urethra, ejaculatory ducts, prostatic ducts, or utricle.
Multiple transurethral biopsies should be taken, particularly at the distal prostate proximal to the ejaculatory duct, where the highest concentration of ducts is present.
Classically, ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO) refers to complete obstruction of both ejaculatory ducts, leading to a low-volume, azoospemic ejaculate.
Vasography is not required and should be discouraged for men with an ejaculatory duct obstruction (Level of Evidence 3, Grade C Recommendation).
Thus, the apophysis inserted closer to the ejaculatory duct is referred to as being distal.
Besides the epididymis, adenomatoid tumor can be located in the spermatic cord, prostrate, ejaculatory ducts and scrotal capes and in females it can be located in uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries (6).