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egotistic, egotistical

See egotism.
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This was their chance, Hamas and Fateh alike, to grab this opportunity and put their egotistic differences aside for the good of the people and for the cause.
Jeremy Clarkson puts the Mercedes CLK Black through its paces, and Richard Hammond pushes the limits of the Audi RS6 while competing with a group of egotistic French skiers.
Childers' Kaye is tall and lithe, simultaneously egotistic and insecure, a man who can't always keep up with the manic patter of his own life.
Packed with photos of themselves and their friends and write ups about what they've been up to, it seems to me the height of self-centred egotistic arrogance to believe anyone else would be interested.
nand told how he is pushed to live up to his egotistic image by the show's producers.
I think that both Antinoff and I would agree that both artist and meditative quester must figure out how to abandon the literal, egotistic, mind/body dominated world for a performance space that is totally metaphorical, where everything is something else.
Bowers's Tragic Era popularized for an enormous audience the scholarly and racist version of Reconstruction, which saw it as an atrocity perpetrated on a blameless South by "emissaries of hate" from the North and incompetent, egotistic and lustful Southern African Americans.
It appears that human nature is not just egotistic and social, but spiritual, capable of great evil but also containing an innate sense of justice and truth.
Drug dealer, goes to prison, gets shot nine times, becomes millionaire rap star, then goes on to star in one of the most egotistic, dull and poorly-acted films I've ever seen.
Then there is Fred Zinnemann's profile (alas again, at the very end of the volume)--a refreshingly substantive and intelligent assessment of cinematic cultural values (probably the volume's only one) offered with an ingratiating modesty that gives the lie to every stereotype of egotistic directors.
Rawlings herself intensely disliked Amelia and wrote of her that "Because of her madness she cannot be held entirely responsible for her evil, but her very madness becomes centered, without concern for others that redeems all egotistic humanity.