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1. the quality of being efflorescent.
2. a rash or eruption.


1. Botany A state or time of flowering.
a. A gradual process of unfolding or developing.
b. The point or time of greatest vigor; the culmination.
3. Chemistry
a. A deposit that results from the process of efflorescing. Also called bloom1.
b. The process of efflorescing.
4. Medicine Redness, a rash, or an eruption on the skin.

ef′flo·res′cent adj.


  1. the period of flowering.
  2. a bursting forth, blooming.
  3. a dry, crusty growth.


1. the quality of being efflorescent.
2. a rash or eruption.

Patient discussion about efflorescence

Q. What is the cause of my head rash? I have a rash on my head. It is red and itchy, what could it be from?

A. A head rash can be caused from lots of different things. I found a website that helps you diagnose it with charts:

Q. What do I do with this horrible Diaper Rash?? I have no idea what is up with my daughters diaper rash, she is a year old and I do everything to keep this rash from coming, but it comes back! All week I have let her run without a diaper on trying to let it air out as much as possible, (thank god for carpet shampooers).Is there any secret that someone has to getting rid of this rash?

A. My own daughter was yeasty from whatever they do to newborns in the hospital and I battled it ever day until I started taking garlic gel tabs. Because I breasfed her she got all the benefits of it and her bottom cleared right up.
Probiotics can help, yogurt, kefir and the like. Super Salve from supersalve.com is amazing in its healing abilities. Avoid processed foods and especially sugars.

Q. Doyou know if the Plant Yarrow give a RASH?

A. ThanksTerrany and Henry for your answers. I do need more information concerning skin contact with Yarrow.MRaye

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While both systems performed well for adhesion and grain crack resistance, the novel low-VOC binder excelled in dirt pick-up resistance (DPUR) and efflorescence and alkali resistance, along with providing better tint retention.
The joints on the downstream face of the dam were cleaned of the efflorescence, and the leaks that were covered by the crystallization crust were located, cleaned, and sealed.
Abbasid rule in Baghdad when the Graeco-Arabic translation movement was in full force, the great scientific efflorescence that was seen during this period was quite unrelated to anybody's understanding of Islam--or, to put it differently, there is no discernible evidence in the sources that the set of beliefs adhered to by the 'Abbasid elite at that time and place, and which comprised Islam in their view, was in any way instrumental in their promotion of scientific and philosophical activity: (2) religion was quite neutral in these historical developments.
Efflorescence will continue as long as there is a source of salts and water.
Schubert's debt to another figure who trod the streets of Vienna a generation before him is, however, strangely underplayed: perhaps it is because Gibbs is less concerned with the roots of Schubert's art than with its efflorescence and goals that he tends to ov erlook the youthful indebtedness to, and indeed idolatry of, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
In that this historiography also found its way from Latin into Anglo-Norman we are dealing with two innovations of the twelfth century: the efflorescence of historiography and its vernacularization.
Theologically, the issue here cannot be adequately framed in terms of a division between nature and culture, with urban efflorescence viewed as a kind of terminal disease lately afflicting the life-web of the planet.
White powdery deposits called efflorescence may come to the surface over this period, but you can simply brush them off with a stiff bristle brush or piece of dry sacking.
For most Western scholars, this efflorescence is symptomatic of a country that has lost its moral compass.
The efflorescence of technology meaning not only discrete technical devices, but especially the ideology of technology), as well as "the deployment of values" in both society and the education system, are said to lead to a new kind of totalitarianism which undermines any kind of true "humanism.
But its efflorescence as an American genre came in the wake of World War II - a reaction, like sci-fi and horror films, to the anxieties of the new atomic age, the prospect of sudden annihilation, the paranoia of McCarthyism, the tumultuous changes wrought by a postwar economy and brave new social mores.
The peculiarity of Borneo research, in this respect, is thrown into relief if one compares it with that of nearby New Guinea which has seen, in recent years, a tremendous efflorescence of publications taking a more comparative perspective.