educational status

educational status,

n the level of education and skill obtained within a discipline or profession, usually referred to as a generalist or specialist in a discipline.
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Table 3 provides the most current information on employment and postsecondary educational status for youths with visual impairments.
Reports on each school's infrastructural, administrative, financial and educational status will be submitted to the minister.
In this study, our aim is to evaluate how educational status affects obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in the overweight and obese Turkish female population.
The literacy and educational status of Muslims is particularly low.
The following cases show how the marriage life is influenced by the educational status of the man and of the women.
This is a very fair request that will have a significant impact (on the budget) with no change to the educational status," Connelly said.
The analysis adjusted for several infant and maternal variables, including breastfeeding, postnatal passive smoking, maternal smoking during pregnancy, and maternal educational status.
In the context of romantic partners, men emphasized the importance of characteristics related to personality and financial and educational status more than appearance.
Educational status includes measures of self-reported years of education completed (attainment) as well as credentials acquired (e.
We want choice to be available to all NHS patients, regardless of where they live, what they can afford, their educational status and cultural background, age, disease or condition.
56 million dropouts in 2000 represented nearly 10 percent of the total population of 16- to 19-year-olds, regardless of educational status.
Art is reflective of an individual's social, financial, and educational status, personality, culture, and personal interests, resulting in a general appeal as an asset.
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