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A line at which a surface terminates.
See also: border, margin.


Etymology: ME, egge
1 a thin side or border.
2 the end of a surface, e.g., the edge of a cliff.


A margin or border.

bevel edge

A tooth edge produced by beveling.

cutting edge

An angled or sharpened edge for cutting, as an incisor tooth or the blade of a knife.

denture edge

The margin or border of a denture.

incisal edge

The sharpened edge of a tooth produced by occlusal wear; the labiolingual margin.


Line at which surface terminates.
See also: border, margin
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Sanding the corners and around objects like radiator pipes (the edger could cut through these) can always be done at a later date if you don't have time when sanding the main floor.
Only 10 percent have advanced scanning and optimizing technology, such as optimized edgers (1).
HC senior quarterback Ryan Taggart's 12-yard touchdown pass to Edger in the opening seconds of the second quarter gave the Crusaders a 10-0 lead.
Moffat''s Brown Eyed Girls, front, Gareth Davies, middle, Sue Edger, Jo Pike, Paula Jones and Lisa Moffat and back are Jo David, Sharon Brown, Jamie Andrews and Louise Butcher
The Piper showed why they top the Whitley Bay and Cullercoats Darts League with a convincing win at title aspirants Red Lion B ( despite a 180 from the Lion's George Edger.
You'll also need an edger because the sander won't reach right up to the skirting boards.
The Swedish sawmill edger optimisers maker Parisab AB issued its first quarter report on Wednesday (28 April), posting an operating loss of SEK1.
Looks like the guy you'd borrow an edger from next door.
Off-trade sales director Chris Edger said the moves would allow the trio to add to the cutting edge of the brewer's performance in a fast-moving, innovative and competitive market.
USE a half-moon edger or sharp spade to neaten up edges of the lawn.
3 million on an edger optimizer and $700,000 for an upgraded planer at the site.
Each log underwent a series of simulations; half utilized a volume optimizing edger, and the other half utilized a grade (value) optimizing edger.