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the condition of being without teeth.


the condition of being without natural teeth.


State of being partially or completely without teeth.

edentulism (ēden´tūlizəm),

n the condition of being edentulous, without teeth.
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The Report notes that the rate of edentulism in the United States for those with incomes of 200% or more of the poverty level is less than half that of people living below 200% of the poverty level.
With an increase in the number of communities that optimally fluoridate the water supply for reduction in dental caries, the emphasis on preventive dental home care, and the shift away from edentulism as an inevitable event of aging, the percentage of the adult population who require complete dentures has declined (Public Health Service 1987).
There is a need to determine whether the nondental group had a higher edentulism rate than either the compliant or irregular dental groups, if it had a different level of self-perceived dental treatment need, or if there were other factors affecting the decision of this group not to receive dental treatment at these two sites.
It also is possible that those who received only medical services may not perceive a need for dental services because of edentulism or other factors.
A State of Decay gave a rating of "fair," "poor," "good," or "excellent" based on state level data analyzing five variables impacting older adult oral health: adult Medicaid dental benefits, inclusion of older adult strategies in state oral health plans, edentulism (loss of teeth), dental health professional shortage areas, and community water fluoridation.
Eight states had strikingly high rates of edentulism, with West Virginia notably having an adult population that is 33.
It is the most sophisticated solution there is to tooth loss and edentulism.
As there is an increase in the incidence of edentulism, there are several opportunities that can be tapped from the affected population to increase revenues.
Chart 3-3: Prevalence of Edentulism Among Dentate Adults in the U.