Pertaining to the vaginal part of the cervix of the uterus lined with stratified squamous epithelium.


Pertaining to the pars vaginalis of the cervix of uterus that is lined with stratified squamous epithelium.


The portion of the canal of the uterine cervix that is lined with squamous epithelium.
ectocervical (-sĕr′vĭ-kăl), adjective
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In the Broad Spectrum HPV Vaccine Study, 14,215 women were randomized to receive the three recommended doses of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine or the 9-valent HPV vaccine and were followed with tests that included Pap tests and swabs of labial, vulvar, perineal, perianal, endocervical, and ectocervical tissue at baseline and periodically up to 4.
The recommendations for management of Pap smear abnormalities stipulated that any Pap smear without an endo- or ectocervical component was inadequate and had to be repeated, even when the descriptive diagnosis was 'within normal limits'.
In many cases, the LEEP demonstrated extensive destruction of the ectocervical and endocervical mucosa, related either to the biopsy procedure itself or the resultant inflammatory response.
10) Endocervical polyps are more common than ectocervical polyps.
Studies of immortalized normal human vaginal, endocervical, and ectocervical cultures and primary murine vaginal, endocervical, and ectocervical tissues suggest differential TGase 1 expression; TGase 1 is expressed in the vagina and endocervix but not in the ectocervix.
In contrast to traditional techniques, the CerCol collector allows for consistent, operator- independent sampling which collects from endocervical, ectocervical and its transformation zone.
Historically, this has been accomplished through the collection of scrapings of both endocervical and ectocervical cells from the uterine-cervix (through the use of a brush, broom, or spatula).
HPV OncoTect[TM], is a robust assay that uses fluorescence in situ hybridization for detection of E6/E7 messenger RNA in ectocervical cells in liquid-based cytology specimens," says Patterson.
Normal human ectocervical cells (Lonza, Inc, Walkersville, Maryland) were used as negative control cells for the E6, E7 mRNA assay and were grown in medium supplied by the company.
CytoCore is also developing an Endometrial Cancer Scan based on the P2X7 marker, which has entered a Fast Track Phase I trial and has been shown in preliminary studies to effectively detect all three forms of uterine cancer-endometrial, ectocervical, and endocervical cancers- representing more than 95% of uterine cancers.