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Analysts say Brazil's miscellaneous structural problems--its historic lack of infrastructure and high interest rates--are putting the brakes on an economy that is just starting to take off.
In fact, no economic model can begin to address these issues, and there may never be a suitable mathematical methodology to describe the 21st century economy.
Many opponents say that in the absence of higher gasoline prices, improved fuel economy encourages people to drive an extra 10-20% (however, according to David Greene, an environmental engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a 10% increase in fuel economy will result in only about a 1% increase in driving).
Economists generally agree, however, that better economic policies, such as quicker government action to stimulate the economy after the Crash, could have prevented the Depression.
Unfortunately, Doug Henwood isn't that author and After the New Economy isn't that book.
One of the major retardants, not only to your business, but to the economy as we look forward, has been this so-called jobless recovery," said Goloven.
Some have referred to this new form of political economy as a "commonwealth of information," suggesting the emergence of new political and economic boundaries and new sources of identity, as the Australian IPAC report noted.
In order to pump some money into the economy today, it would require hundreds of billions of dollars in long-term revenue loss.
The social economy includes non-profit organizations, voluntary and third sector; community based and social solidarity economy.
In a little over ten years, Kazakhstan implemented a series of broad-based reforms that brought Kazakhstan from planned to a market economy.
The housing industry is the largest contributor to California's economy, generating $257 billion annually and creating 821,000 jobs, concludes a study released Wednesday.