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n in dentistry, a broad term that covers all the business aspects of dental practice.

Patient discussion about economics

Q. how do you lift your spirit during those tough days of economic depression?

A. just find an activity that will take your mind off things.(i.e.)fishing,games,puzzles,camping,etc.

Q. how come depression became so common??? is it because the great economic crises ...? because i get the feeling that it has been like that for a while ...

A. That's an eye opening list. I have read most of Kurt Vonnegut's books. He really went through hell on earth during the allied bombing of Dresden in World War II as a prisoner of war. He had been captured at the Battle of the Bulge. That was no cakewalk.

Overwhelming circumstances. Things happen that are too much to rationalize. They happen to us all. Deaths, accidents, tragedies, illnesses, losses, being a victim of crimes or injustices, war, seeing people die, witnessing horrible things... that list can go on and on. We humans are fragile, have limitations, and we break.

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Unless we reorganize our society socialistically--humanly a most arduous and magnificent enterprise, economically a most simple and sound one--Free Trade by itself will ruin England, and I will tell you exactly how.
By means of rapid mechanical traction, it had brought men nearer together, so much nearer socially, economically, physically, that the old separations into nations and kingdoms were no longer possible, a newer, wider synthesis was not only needed, but imperatively demanded.
Among the active nationals, nearly 100,000 (99,923) were considered economically active whereas 91,742 were referred to as economically inactive.
The results for the third quarter Quarterly labour force survey (QLFS) shows that the working-age population was 36,1 million 15,8 million employed, 5,4 million unemployed and 14,9 million not economically active.
The TUC said that in the past three years, the headline unemployment figure fell by more than 800,000, to 1,827,000, but the number of other economically inactive people who want work hardly moved, from 2,371,000 to 2,298,000.
A study of official statistics showed there were 1,379,000 economically inactive women seeking work, compared to 920,000 men.
The common assumption is for a country to be economically prosperous is to have lots of natural resources.
ISLAMABAD, March 21, 2012 (Frontier Star): To strengthen the vigilance on the audit reporting, the SECP has directed all economically significant companies to appoint their statutory external auditors from Chartered Accountants (CA) firms.
ISLAMABAD, March 20, 2012 (Balochistan Times): In order to strengthen the vigilance on the audit reporting , the SECP has directed all economically significant companies to appoint their statutory external auditors from chartered accountants (CA) firms.
An important change is that the populations to be safeguarded by economically affordable housing are transferred from lower middle-income families to low-income families (General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 2007; Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China, 2007).
The more economically advanced countries in the Developing World have better overall safety records than the others, but even their death risk per flight is seven times as high as that in First World countries.
About 1 028 000 Bulgarians aged between 15 and 34 are economically active, which is 54.

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