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n in dentistry, a broad term that covers all the business aspects of dental practice.

Patient discussion about economics

Q. how do you lift your spirit during those tough days of economic depression?

A. just find an activity that will take your mind off things.(i.e.)fishing,games,puzzles,camping,etc.

Q. how come depression became so common??? is it because the great economic crises ...? because i get the feeling that it has been like that for a while ...

A. That's an eye opening list. I have read most of Kurt Vonnegut's books. He really went through hell on earth during the allied bombing of Dresden in World War II as a prisoner of war. He had been captured at the Battle of the Bulge. That was no cakewalk.

Overwhelming circumstances. Things happen that are too much to rationalize. They happen to us all. Deaths, accidents, tragedies, illnesses, losses, being a victim of crimes or injustices, war, seeing people die, witnessing horrible things... that list can go on and on. We humans are fragile, have limitations, and we break.

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Economic science - also known as experimental economics -- uses laboratory experiments to research why markets and other exchange systems work the way they do.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel -- the Nobel Prize in Economics -- to George Mason University professor Dr.
Vernon Smith and his team at Chapman's Economic Science Institute are producing ground-breaking work that defies conventional wisdom and yields economic insights via laboratory and field experiments traditionally reserved for the "hard sciences.
Milton Friedman, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Science and a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution since 1977, died this morning.
This collection of eleven essays concerns the worldwide spread of economic science into the sphere of politics.
Contract notice: Supply of computer equipment for the faculty of economic sciences at warsaw university.
SCOTTISH economist Angus Deaton has won the Nobel memorial prize in economic sciences for "his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare", the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.
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Minister of Public Health Wael Abou-Faour stated during his signing of a cooperation protocol between the LU/Faculty of Economic Sciences and SGBL in Rashaya today.
The fields of study available in these universities will include medicine, pharmaceutical studies, medical studies, engineering, computer science, basic sciences, life studies, financial and economic sciences and law.