ecological niche

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ecological niche

  1. the physical space occupied by an organism.
  2. the organism's functional role in the community (e.g. TROPHIC LEVEL).
  3. other conditions of the organism's existence, such as preferred temperature, moisture and pH, combining spatial habitat with functional interaction with other species.


emanating from or pertaining to ecology.

ecological biome
see biome.
ecological climax
the state of balance in an ecosystem when its inhabitants have established their permanent relationships with each other.
ecological fallacy
bias following misinterpretation that ecological factors affect all individuals equally.
ecological imbalance
the naturally occurring changes in the environment, e.g. bushfires, floods, volcanic fallout, which leave it unbalanced with respect to the type and quality of the feed they provide.
ecological interface
the border between two ecosystems.
ecological mosaic
a pattern of interspersed ecosystems.
ecological niche
1. the position occupied by an organism in relation to other organisms and to the environment.
2. a particular part of an ecological environment in which a particular plant or animal species prospers. It is the set of terms, in relation to food and water supply and relationship with predators and disease and with competitors, by which the organism achieves its full biological potential.


a small recess, depression or indentation, especially a recess in the wall of a hollow organ that tends to retain contrast media, as revealed by radiography.

ecological niche
the geographical location in the physical environment which the particular organism occupies best, in which it thrives best. The boundaries are determined by the suitability of the climate and the feed provided and competition with predators and collaboration with synergists.
niche pericarditis
an abattoir finding in normal cattle; small red velvety patches on the outside of the great vessels.
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We were able, through a combination of a review of occurrence localities and ENMs, to draw inferences about seasonal variation in the distribution and ecological niche of A.
The first hypothesis cannot be supported by the results from ENMs and the criteria of ecological niche conservatism between genetically differentiated taxa, which demonstrate that genetic differentiation occurs faster than ecological differentiation (38).
The observations that narrative is a format for representing experience, that the human ecological niche is knowledge-intensive, and that humans have evolved the ability to learn from the experience of others suggest that the valuable resource shared through storytelling is experience--that is, knowledge.
The present work suggests that intestinal oxalate degradation provides an ecological niche, which of formigenes may be uniquely fitted to occupy," say the biotechnologists.
Molecular Biology has provided new approaches in the identification and quantification of various species within a particular ecological niche.
And yet some creatures, especially territorial predators, don't produce huge numbers of surplus young; somehow they know what their ecological niche can support, and limit their offspring.
The importance of molluscs in the global ecological niche is addressed from several angles, including parasitology, an area that has been overlooked despite the fact that these organisms are important intermediary hosts to parasites that afflict humans and other vertebrates.
In this case a non-native species would be filling an ecological niche that has been opened by disease.

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