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Instrument for displaying echoes by means of ultrasonic pulses on an oscilloscope to demonstrate structures lying at depths within the body.
[echo + G. skopeō, to view]
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The cutting-edge project was the first monopod installation in the Cook Inlet in 25 years and marked the first time that four Echoscope systems operated simultaneously.
The Echoscope provides a real-time 3D-detailed, geo-referenced image of moving and static subsea hardware and features --even in low-to-zero visibility conditions.
Utilizing four Echoscopes simultaneously allowed the monopod to be seen as it was lowered to accurately position it onto a kingpile.
The state-of-the-are project was Cook Inlet's first monopod installation for 25 years and marked the first time that four Echoscope systems operated at the same time.
The proposed use of the Echoscope sonars was a final verification of the installation position, but because of poor visibility resulting from tidal changes, 6-7 knot currents and heavy silt, UTEC opted to use multiple Echoscopes in combination with measurements to complete the installation.
The Echoscope technology allows service providers such as UTEC to deliver viable and efficient solutions to customers giving them an edge in these challenging times for the oil and gas industry,"
According to Jason Reid, Coda Octopus President and Chief Executive Officer, "Deploying the Echoscope in one of the world's 'hot spots' on a mission-critical security assignment creates new visibility for Coda Octopus, and for the use of real time 3D sonar in an underwater environment to identify and classify potential threats.
In addition to the joint promotion of Echoscope to United States and international defense markets, Coda Octopus and COT are also investigating collaboration to bring new technologies, spawned from USF's highly innovative research and development programs, to market for defense and commercial applications.
The Coda Octopus Echoscope II is a unique, patented technology delivering forward looking, high resolution, 3D images underwater in real time.
The Stingray ROV and Echoscope II package will provide rapid wide area collection of high-resolution 3D images.
During the second quarter, Jacksonville Sheriff's Department in Florida became the first US law enforcement agency to deploy the Company's Underwater Inspection System, while Van Oord, which is one of the world's largest marine contractors, became the first to deploy Echoscopes to enhance the efficiency and safety of divers in a key underwater construction application that appears to have opened an important new market segment for Coda Octopus.