echo pattern

echo pattern,

n a pattern of recurring illness resulting from unresolved imbalances in the patient's diet, energy, and stress levels.
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Echo pattern.
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Mc-Nemar and Pearson chi square test was performed for paired and unpaired samples, respectively to see the difference in frequencies of endometrial echo pattern and menstrual pattern in pre-operative and post-operative patients as well as to see the difference in pregnancy rates in the two groups.
Post-operative normal echo pattern had maximum development in patients who had fluid in uterine cavity, preoperatively (Table 4).
USG abdomen was suggestive of mild hepatosplenomegaly with an ill-defined inhomogenous echo pattern in the left lobe of liver, small-volume ascites and right pleural effusion (Figure 1).
Do bats use the echo pattern from a smooth surface to find water?
The sonographic appearance of polyorchidism is a scrotal mass that has an echo pattern identical to that of the ipsilateral testicle.
4) Ultrasonography frequently demonstrates a marked increase in the size of the gland and a coarse echo pattern.
An oscilloscope display of the echo pattern, known as an A-Scan, shows defects as areas of higher contrast in the image.
Gibson Everyday line is the first Echo pattern, Camden Cottage, a casual design featuring fruit motifs in blue and white on a yellow background.
Rather, some echo patterns are observed in this composite setting.
The sonographic features show nonspecific mixed echo patterns, which would reflect the process of infarction of a solid mass.
Four years later, Dr Goldstein reported observing unusual echo patterns in the uteri of women receiving tamoxifen [Am J Obstet Gynecol 1994;170:565-570].
We found that some patients displayed bizarre heterogeneous echo patterns that represent the loss of the junctional zone between the endometrium and the myometrium," he said, "This was being misinterpreted as endometrial thickening.