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12 describes the total power (closed) measured and calculated with three different eccentricities.
The difference between reinforcement eccentricities is observed when linearly variable and constant distribution of stresses are assessed at the anchorage zone.
The associated instantaneous release of gravitational binding energy is expected to produce the characteristic eccentricities observed in such systems.
It falls upon comedic situations to absorb Elia's eccentricities and keep his exuberance alive.
MAD ROLE 3 Nanny Toni Collette tried to convince her young charges their eccentricities are to be celebrated
We have to be careful not to use cliches when talking about eccentricities, but basically it's looking at skills and attributes and natural resources and using them in a completely different way to the way that they have been used before and being really creative.
Obviously there are other ways to convert a measurement between 0 and 30 to a useful range of eccentricities.
Figure 12 shows the RT power curve for three different shaft eccentricities (E = 0%, 40.
By the end of it you may, like Dessaix himself, find yourself "warming to the idea of re-reading Turgenev": or, even, of reading Turgenev for the first time with Twilight of Love beside you as a sort of rough guide to some of Turgenev's eccentricities, tribulations and loves.
Because Arnold is a genuine international movie star--and because France, whatever its eccentricities, is not in the habit of electing the stars of second-rate action movies to senior political positions--Arnold got much more coverage in the French press than the typical candidate for governor in California.
The book's acutely-hewn historical edge knowingly shaves off Vaughan's visionary eccentricities, a winnowing that leaves West occasionally claiming, in my view, a great deal for some poems ("The Palm Tree" and "St.
Even now, when one thinks of Greenwich Village, one thinks of the eccentricities of that bygone era.