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Measuring dabigatran concentrations using a chromogenic ecarin clotting time assay.
5 g intravenously, as bolus or injection, will immediately yield complete reversal of this new oral anticoagulant as measured by dilute thrombin time or ecarin clotting time.
El ECT (por las siglas de su nombre en ingles Ecarin Clotting Time) es una prueba de coagulacion basada en la activacion de la protrombina por accion de la ecarina, una enzima aislada del veneno de la serpiente Echis carinatus, generando meizotrombina, un precursor cataliticamente activo de la trombina capaz de transformar el fibrinogeno en fibrina (63).
In the same study, 4F-PCC did not reverse elevated PTT, ecarin clotting time, and thrombin time in subjects receiving dabigatran, and it had no effect on endogenous thrombin potential.
The ecarin clotting time assay, which uses snake venom to activate prothrombin, is prolonged in the presence of dabigatran (Miyares & Davis, 2012).
Ecarin modified rotational thrombelastometry: a point-of-care applicable alternative to monitor the direct thrombin inhibitor argatroban.
Evaluate the local utility and practicality of validating currently available methods to quantify the anticoagulant activity of DTI (dilute thrombin time or ecarin time calibrated with dabigatran) and DFXaI (chromogenic anti-Xa assay calibrated with rivaroxaban or apixaban).
Dabigatran: diluted thrombin time or ecarin clotting time.
8) Other indicators for laboratory monitoring of DTI are Activated clotting time (ACT), Ecarin clotting time(ECT), Prothrombin -induced clotting time (PiCT),Diluted thrombin time (Dtt).
Successful use of recombinant hirudin and its monitoring by ecarin clotting time in patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia undergoing off pump coronary artery revascularization.
Most cardiac surgical units are not equipped with an ecarin clotting time point-of-care analyser (specific for bivalirudin) (11), although use of plasma modified ACT has been described (12).
Ecarin test in diagnosis of dicoumarol therapy, liver diseases and DIC.