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A gene on chromosome 16q22.1 that encodes a calcium-dependent cell–cell adhesion glycoprotein (cadherin), which is involved in regulating cell–cell adhesions, mobility and proliferation of epithelial cells.

Molecular pathology
CDH1 loss-of-function mutations correlate with gastric, breast, colorectal, thyroid and ovarian cancer, and they are thought to contribute to cancer progression by increasing proliferation, invasion and/or metastasis. CDH1 mutation causes hereditary diffuse gastric cancer and an increased susceptibility to endometrial and ovarian cancers.


a plant form that results from the habitat in which the plant occurs and is not brought about genetically. See PHENOTYPIC PLASTICITY.
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When analyzed according to tumor grade, ECAD was strongly expressed in 100% of grade I and II adenomas, 62.
Based on Figure 1, the ECAD data are similar to the demographic data for Austin as of 2009.
ECAD can concentrate on electrical design rules starting from timing requirements and routing ability that must meet given isolation classes.
The greatest obstacle to effective communication of design data is that nearly all MCAD systems today are 3D, while most ECAD systems are 2D with some type of 3D viewing capability.
SAP Engineering Control Center interface to ECAD provides a consolidated view of ECAD data.
This will tell the ECAD tool to automatically change trace widths in order to match the signal line impedance between rigid and flexible sections.
For nearly 20 years, the Intermediate Data Format (IDF) has been the preferred file format for exchanging basic design information between the ECAD and MCAD systems that PCB layout designers and mechanical designers use to design electromechanical products.
Other highlights are a STEP export for ECAD to MCAD data exchange, a copper-pour management system, enhanced support for multi-track editing, support for slotted holes in PCB pads, and improved polygon connectivity and speed.
e*ECAD's unique purchase and delivery system has distinguished the portal as the first and only company to offer ECAD software from multiple vendors in a pay-per-run time or pay-per-use model.
Or will it leverage its understanding of wire harness and system design into something even bigger--a true marriage of ECAD and 3D MCAD?