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R.S., 20th-century British physician. See: Crow-Fukase syndrome.

Charcot restraint orthotic walker

; CROW custom-made boot incorporating a total contact cast; worn after initial oedema has subsided, allowing the patient to remain weight-bearing during the natural course of the disease yet minimizing trauma to the affected area (Figure 1)
Figure 1: Charcot restraint orthotic walker (CROW).


a bird in the genus corvus.

crow pick
predatory gouging of eyes and other soft tissues from sick or weak lambs by crows. Wounds often infected with gas gangrene organisms.
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At the end of the three week campaign, the opinion polls and the Prime Minister were eating crow and another party was in power.
Besides, I've been here long enough, and heard enough of these economic arguments, to know that people who criticize Chicken Little often end up eating crow.
Hoping that eating crow lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, we ask the question, "Why does the rate of unsaleables continue to rise?