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n the feeling of freedom of motion within a joint or tissue. Also called
compliance or

Patient discussion about ease

Q. what to take to ease the pain of fibromyalgia?

A. As with many other syndromes, there is no universally accepted cure for fibromyalgia. Pain relief can be found with usage of common analgesics including NSAID medications over the counter. You can also try muscle relaxants. Traditionally, low doses of sedating antidepressants have been used to reduce the sleep disturbances that are associated with fibromyalgia and are believed by some practitioners to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder.

Q. guys !!! what medicines are they for easing ad depression?

A. there is a lot of use for Prozac in all sorts of depression, but that's not a "wonder medication" it's not working if you just take the pills. it has to be accompanied by a therapy or it's almost useless.

Q. what are the symptoms of bipolar??? how would you ease the feeling or the symptoms that come with the disease

A. Bipolar disorder is a physical illness that needs to be treated by a psychiatrist. i think the only way to ease the symptoms is with regular and exact medicinal help. it is proven to be effective and it might save your life.

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They must speak their mind about it, annoying all easy-going folk, and spend their time and money in having a tinker at it, however hopeless the job.
Once put into this narrowed way of action, it was curious that he began to consider Rosa's claims upon him more unselfishly than he had ever considered them before, and began to be less sure of himself than he had ever been in all his easy-going days.
Yet their stout, easy-going mentor had given me such a reassuring glance of side-long humor, as between man of the world and man of the world, that it was difficult to suspect him of suspicion.
I have detested blue eyes ever since, and blonde moustaches, and the whole stout easy-going type
He was a kindly, easy-going man; but, after the way of a large percentage of the Western stock, he was undemonstrative.
His good nature almost amounted to imbecility: the men did what they liked with him, and he had not an ounce of initiative in his character, which was easy-going and talkative.
An easy-going, free-handed gentleman," said Ames, the butler.
But his easy-going manner that doesn't fit the ``closer'' template.
He's an easy-going guy that never causes any problems.
A longtime play-by-play man for the New York Rangers, Elliot was remembered for his storytelling - even while the game was going on - and his easy-going manner behind the microphone.
Croix is also highly regarded by his female co-stars for his easy-going nature and professionalism on the set.