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Emory Angioplasty versus Surgery Trial. A trial comparing long-term outcomes of patients with multivessel coronary disease undergoing revascularization with PTCA to CABG
Conclusion No significant difference in mortality between CABG and PTCA as primary therapy for multivessel disease; PTCA had a greater need for repeat revascularization
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For two hundred years the Eastern Hemisphere had been wiped from the maps and histories of Pan-America.
I shall not live to see the complete regeneration of the savage hordes of the Eastern Hemisphere--that is a work which will require many generations, perhaps ages, so complete has been their reversion to savagery; but I know that the work has been started, and I am proud of the share in it which my generous countrymen have placed in my hands.
The rising moon, just topping the eastern cliffs, cast its bright rays upon the long stretch of open garden beneath the wall.
On the eastern side of the Cordillera, over the same extent of latitude, where a blue sky and a fine climate prove that the atmosphere has been deprived of its moisture by passing over the mountains, the arid plains of Patagonia support a most scanty vegetation.
He claps his hands and Mesrour the Nubian appears, with bare arms, bangles, yataghans, and every Eastern ornament-- gaunt, tall, and hideous.
It was in the eastern or blue chamber in which stood the Prince Prospero as he uttered these words.
Austen in 1936, based on two male specimens collected in 1933, at Ukasi Hill (as Ukazzi) in the dry eastern Sahelian zone (Coe 1999: 5) of eastern Kenya.
In one region of the Eastern oyster's range, Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, the decline in oysters has been catastrophic, its harvest dropping from between two and four million bushels a year in the 1930s to 33,000 bushels a year in the early 1970s.
TARZANA - The pageantry of an Eastern Orthodox service will be even more heartfelt by Eastern Orthodox Christians who attend Holy Saturday services this morning and Easter services just before midnight tonight.
Best Of Eastern Europe 2006 by famed travel expert Rick Steves is an informed and informative instructional guide ideal for the explorative mapping of an itinerary any Eastern-Europe traveler's next vacation.
One year ago, Eastern Union Commercial Real Estate was described by a New York business journal as one of the fastest growing commercial real estate brokerages in the United States.
The insect is the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adeleges tsugae) and in the eastern United States it has a very large food supply and no natural predators.