natural pigment

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nat·u·ral pig·ment

a naturally occurring colored compound; absorbs light in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Compare: structural color.
Synonym(s): biochrome
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The tongue may sometimes be stained with earth pigment, as may the entire upper.
The Egyptians prepared some of the first synthetic pigments, such as Egyptian Blue (copper tetrasilicate) and vermilion (mercury(II) sulfide), using these and naturally occurring iron and manganese earth pigments around 6000 BCE.
The plaster is 100 percent natural, composed of clays, aggregates and earth pigments.
Some were in print on paper form and the others were created using rice paper, earth pigments and Oak tree wood.
Commissioned by Advance Realty Group, Andrea Heinisch, a renowned artist from Florence, Italy, along with three other prominent artists, used a technique which utilizes mineral and earth pigments.
Decorated in rich natural tones balanced and blended with natural earth pigments, the Allied Carpets Castle Gait house will incorporate the latest in interior design trends.
Distemper paint contains earth pigments, calcium carbonate, tinting colors, and casein mixed with water.
Paints that are greener yet are both VOC-free and made from all natural materials, such as earth pigments, lime, and a milk derivative called casein.
Bark painters work from four basic earth pigments -- red, black yellow and white.
Hierarchy of cost means simply that until the twentieth century, paints made with exotic pigments like lapis lazuli cost a lot more than paints with earth pigments and were used more sparingly.
It's in fairly good condition, mostly painted with earth pigments with lime wash and black mixed to create a blue colour,' says Sophie Stewart.