adj describes a condition that has occurred before the normally prescribed time. E.g., early-onset Alzheimer's refers to the presence of Alzheimer's disease in persons younger than the age of 65, the average age of onset.
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patients with early-onset depression were younger than those with late-onset depression (mean of 73 years vs.
Compared with rates previously reported from European countries, the incidence of early-onset GBS disease in Finland is relatively low (7-14).
It was found that 41% of the children and adolescents and 72% of the early-onset adult patients had had major depressive episodes; when screened for a history of manic or hypomanic symptoms, 13% of the total sample was classified as bipolar-most with bipolar II disorder.
Other research, published in the same issue of American Journal of Psychiatry, links early-onset bipolar disorder to disturbed electrical activity in the brain.
A large-scale study of twins designed to assess genetic versus environmental factors in the etiology of PD found a high degree of concordance within twin pairs for early-onset PD (onset before age 50) but much less concordance for disease of late onset (Tanner et al.
More than 1 million American children suffer from early-onset bipolar disorder, more commonly known as manic depression.
The investigators examined early-onset breast cancer in 1,073 matched case-control pairs; about 75% had BRCA1 mutations and 25% had BRCA2 mutations.
Most GBS disease is early-onset in (the first two days of life) and most early-onset GBS disease can be stopped with intravenous antibiotics.
In adolescents with early-onset bipolar disorder, 90% have ADHD, compared with 60% of adolescents who have later-occurring bipolar disorder.
More than 160 rare mutations in the presenilin 1 gene and two others have been found to cause early-onset familial Alzheimer's disease.
DALLAS -- Early cardiovascular risk-factor screening is warranted in women with a history of early-onset preeclampsia, according to results of a study in 617 women.

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