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at or near the beginning.

early bloom
the stage at which to cut alfalfa for hay; when 10% of the crop is in bloom.
early breeding
1. in seasonal breeding management systems it is customary to commence mating on a specific day in the expectation that the offspring will be born at a time to take most advantage of a seasonal peak of pasture. Early mating, before the recommended day, may be because of an expected poor level of fertility or similar overriding factor.
2. mating before the recommended age for that particular class or breed of stock; usually to maximize the productive life of the individual animal.
early fetal recovery
the use of embryo transfer in test matings to increase the speed of the program and reduce the time required in gestation to determine the constitution of the fetus.
early genes
genes expressed during early development of the fetus.
early pregnancy hormone (factor)
identified in mice and several other species including sheep, cattle, pigs, humans; appears in the blood within a few hours of conception and persists for several weeks; identifiable by laboratory test.

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Q. What are the Early Symptoms of Colon Cancer? My Father is 82 years old and has been suffering from rectal bleeding lately. The doctor sent him to an urgent colonoscopy in order to rule out colon cancer. Are there early symptoms to this disease?

A. Colon cancr signs vary depending on the exact location of the tumor, for instance a lower tumor that is located in the rectum might cause rectal bleeding and one that is located in the right side of the colon might grow and cause anemia.
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Q. What to do for early Lyme that's not responding to treatment? I came down with Lyme disease three months ago with a bulls-eye rash. Even though it was supposedly a recent case, I already was having Bell's palsy, memory loss, trouble thinking of words, joint arthritis, severe bone pain, and fatigue. I took 100mg doxycycline 2x a day, as my doctor prescribed, for 3 weeks, but still felt bad, so I took it for 3 more weeks. When I stopped after 6 weeks, all my symptoms came back and I kept getting worse. I finally convinced my doctors to give me a refill, and I've been taking the same prescription since then. Any time when I'm late on a dose or eat something with magnesium, I get very sick again. I'm not getting better, I'm merely suppressing the Lyme disease, and it comes back whenever I stop the antibiotics. What can I do to actually get rid of it? Higher dose doxycycline? Another antibiotic? Two antibiotics at once? IV antibiotics? Supplements? (I'm biased against this, but) Rife machines?

A. I did test positive for Lyme disease on the ELISA test.

I think it is just disseminated (I've been having Bell's palsy), so maybe I need 400mg doxy/day (200mg 2x a day) in order to reach the proper concentrations to inhibit B. burgdorferi in the CSF.

Q. I want to know what the early autism symptoms. I am very much concerned about my child’s health. So I want to know what the early autism symptoms are.

A. Love to know the affection you have on your child. Although there are many different symptoms that may show up in your child, it usually shows up in the way of social development, communication skills or repetitive symptoms. It also is worth noting that the symptoms are not usually limited to just a few. In fact, an autistic child may display symptoms that span all of these three different categories.

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The Triumph of Prudence over Passion (1781) is similarly much more than simply an example of early fiction notable for its earliness, and is much less sedate than its very eighteenth-century title would suggest.
So a major direction for breeding would be to focus on the medium and long season cultivars rather than attempt to get both drought escape through earliness and Striga resistance from the new cultivars.
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The earliness and abundance of life found on Mars and Earth argues that this life did not originate here, but instead was seeded from elsewhere in the process called panspermia.
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