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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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Much obviously hinges on the date at which the earldom of Ross was created.
He accepted an earldom but died less than three months later, before he was able to take up his seat in the Lords; RECOGNITION: David Lloyd George's coat of arms
Donald fights an army of Lowlanders in a bid to bring lands forming the earldom of Ross into the kingdom.
In a ceremony conducted by the constable of the castle, Lord Snowdon, the Queen invested the prince with the symbols of the principality and the earldom of Chester: a sword (representing justice), a gold ring (for duty), a coronet (for rank), and a gold rod (symbolising Government).
1984: HaroldMacmillan accepted a hereditary earldom on his 90th birthday.
For such brilliance, I suggest as reward an earldom, at least.
His comments come despite the fact he will inherit the earldom and would have the right to vote in the Lords.
His miner grandson Thomas, having heard the family stories, put forward a claim for the Earldom of Perth in 1831.
Others have suggested that it was to commemorate the creation of the Earldom in 1697.
The Grey family was in possession of the castle and in 1409 Ralph Grey captured the French castle of Tanquaville and was rewarded with the Earldom of Tankerville.
Some believe Titchfield Abbey, the former home of the local Earldom, was a holiday retreat for William Shakespeare.
Still setting the scene over the main porch are the figures of Peace and Plenty, dating from the later 17th century and the Bridgeman family who came into the Earldom of Bradford in 1794.