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Etymology: AS, eare + dropa
a topical, liquid form of medication for the local treatment of various conditions of the ear, such as inflammation or infection of the lining of the external auditory canal or impacted cerumen (earwax).


A medication in liquid form for instillation into the external ear canal, usually to treat infections or loosen cerumen.


Eardrops should not be used if the tympanic membrane is damaged or broken.
See: Otic Medications


n.pl oil-, water-, or alchol-based treatment that is placed in the ear. Used to treat inflammation and infections of the ear canal.
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Ofloxacin eardrop treatment for active chronic suppurative otitis media: Prospective randomized study.
However, if you have frequent ear infections, have one now, or have ever had a hole in your eardrum, please see your doctor before using any type of eardrops.
A EARDROPS from the chemist would only help with an outer ear problem, such as wax build-up or irritation caused by chemicals, such as chlorine.
You can buy over-the-counter eardrops to use after swimming that can help prevent swimmer's ear.
There was also another notable detail: the aunt had embedded her diamond eardrops in the doll's pupils.
Treatment generally starts with cleaning debris and discharge from the outer ear canal so eardrops can reach infected areas.
The portfolio acquired from J&J comprises Otogesic eardrops, Ehnorub ointment and Stugil tablets, Strides said in a statement to the stock exchange on Wednesday.
Depending on the type of infection present, your doctor may prescribe eardrops that contain antibiotic or antifungal and a corticosteroid.
However, topical fluoroquinolone eardrops with ear mopping covers 95% of organisms cultured and is not ototoxic.
Speak to your local pharmacist about which eardrops are suitable for you.
of yellow and pink diamond eardrops, and a breathtaking pair of trilliant cut 6 ct.