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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Unilever simply added a Follow button to their e-mail signature and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in 10 months.
Use a complete e-mail signature so people can find you easily.
Among Abramoff's e-mails collected by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is one from a Russian named "Vadim," whose e-mail signature identifies him as "Assistant to Mrs.
A few organizations encourage employees to include a blurb about their next event within e-mail signature files.
Include your web address on your letterhead, business cards and other printed materials (flyers, membership brochures, fact sheets, for example), and in your e-mail signature line.
Genre-wise, it belonged to the baroque lineage of personalized statio nery, and it presaged the widespread use of quotations in our e-mail signature files.
Under the current law, it seems that a simple e-mail signature could qualify as binding.
Using the geek code with your e-mail signature is a sure giveaway.