(dis-sing'kro-ne) [ dys- + synchrony]
Any disorder in the normal or expected coordination of timed events.

auditory dyssynchrony

Auditory neuropathy.

neuromechanical dyssynchrony

Any difference between the respiratory support provided to a patient by a mechanical ventilator and the patient's breathing. In neuromechanical dyssynchrony, the inspiration of the ventilator is typically longer than the patient's. This difference is referred to colloquially as “fighting the ventilator.”

patient-ventilator dyssynchrony

Failure of synchronous interaction between a patient's neurally controlled breathing and the timing of a mechanical ventilator.
See: patient-ventilator interaction
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Furthermore, it must be possible to quantify the Myokarddeformation and dyssynchrony and abnormality in the movement of the heart wall.
Such as, MPI, which combines both systolic and diastolic function, (15) ventricular dyssynchrony, which indicates heterogeneity of contraction time between different myocardial segments, may give a better reflection of the global left ventricular (LV) function than conventional echocardiography, though, to our knowledge, these have not been investigated so far.
There can be a number of reasons why CRM is needed, all of which generally involve malfunctions of the heart's electrical system, and are related to cardiac dyssynchrony.
senior author of the study, said that the discovery introduces - for the first time - stem cell-based 'biological resynchronization' as a novel means to treat cardiac dyssynchrony.
Combined FDG and delayed contrast-enhanced inversion-recovery cardiac imaging permit co-localized, simultaneously acquired functional and anatomic viability assessment that, theoretically, could play a role in imaging-directed ventricular tachycardia radiofrequency ablation or direct biventricular pacing in dyssynchrony.
The REVERSE (109) trial was designed to determine if CRT [+ or -] ICD modified disease progression over 12 months in patients with asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic heart failure and ventricular dyssynchrony.
Previous studies have proven the real-world therapeutic benefits of CRT in treating mildly to severely symptomatic heart failure patients with moderately to severely reduced cardiac pumping capacity and electrical dyssynchrony," said Professor Cecilia Linde, M.
Although use has declined in recent years, NMBAs are still commonly used in the critical care environment, for management of both intracranial hypertension and ventilator dyssynchrony.
Early and sustained effects of cardiac resynchronization therapy on N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with moderate to severe heart failure and cardiac dyssynchrony.
ThromboView(R) does not and so avoids the dyssynchrony which results in a high proportion of non-diagnostic V/Q tests.
Among the 28 topics are echocardiography examination, physics, artifacts, atrial fibrillation, prosthetic valves, cardiomyopathies, pericardial diseases, and new technologies such as strain, dyssynchrony assessment, and strain rate, with M-mode, two and three-dimensional, Doppler, transesophageal, contrast-enhanced, and stress echocardiography images.