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impairment of speech consisting in lack of coordination and failure to arrange words in their proper order; due to a central lesion; see also aphasia. Called also dysphrasia.


Impairment in the production of speech and failure to arrange words in an understandable way; caused by an acquired lesion of the brain.
Synonym(s): dysphrasia
[dys- + G. phasis, speaking]


See aphasia.


Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs; due to an acquired lesion of or injury to a language center of the brain; may be transient if cerebral swelling subsides.
Compare: alalia, aphonia
Synonym(s): alogia (1) , dysphasia, dysphrasia, logagnosia, logamnesia, logasthenia.
[G. speechlessness, fr. a- priv. + phasis, speech]