Characterized by dysontogenesis.


Characterized by dysontogenesis.


(dĭs″ŏn-tō-jĕn′ĕ-sĭs) [″ + ontos, being, + gennan, to produce]
Defective development of an organism, esp. of an embryo.
dysontogenetic (dĭs″ŏn-tō-jĕ-nĕt′ik), adjective
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Other intradural/extramedullary spine tumors in children include the myxo-papillary subgroup of ependymomas, nerve-sheath tumors, such as schwannoma and neurofibroma; congenital or dysontogenetic masses such as the dermal inclusion cyst (dermoid and epidermoid cyst); neurenteric cysts, and arachnoid cysts.
Midline cyst in the floor of mouth pathogenesis is not well understood and dysontogenetic, traumatic, and thyroglossal anomaly theories have been suggested.
2) In 1988, the term sialoblastoma was coined by Taylor to describe these lesions because it conveyed the dysontogenetic character and the site of the tumour.
1-3] Congenital macroglossia may be the consequence of idiopathic muscular hypertrophy, benign angiomalformarive tumorlike lesions, hamartomas, and dysontogenetic cysts, or it may be part of Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome (congenital hemihypertrophy) or Maffuci syndrome.