An apparatus for inducing diathermy.
[G. dynamis, force, + thermē, heat]
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At Pittcon this year, in response to the threat of chemical warfare attacks, CDS Analytical released its Dynatherm 9300, a desorption system capable of testing large quantifies of air.
Responding to that request is their Dynatherm 9300, a thermal desorption system that can sample several liters of air for monitoring, making it well suited for the detection of chemical warfare agents.
Having made its first appearance at PITTCON 2004, Dynatherm 9300 can be used with a mass spectrometer or other detectors to concentrate a sample for GC analysis, thereby increasing system sensitivity.
Hickerson has also co-founded two medical device companies - Dynatherm Medical, Inc.
In September 2000, the company acquired Dynatherm Analytical Instruments, strengthening its thermal analysis repertoire.
His primary role is to transition Dynatherm products from development to full-scale manufacturing.
Stephen Williams is a welcome addition to our management team," said Scott Christensen, CEO of Dynatherm.
A number of more specialized companies, such as CDS Analytical (through its acquisition of Dynatherm Analytical Instruments), Tekmar-Dohrmann, and DANI Strumentazione Analitica S.
Scott Christensen, CEO of Dynatherm, said, "I am happy to announce the expansion and closure of our Series A round.
I am extremely pleased that Scott Christensen has joined Dynatherm," said Tim Mills of Sanderling Ventures and board chairman for Dynatherm.
PSI consists of four subsidiaries dedicated to providing components and subsystems for the space industry: PSI Operations, the world's largest independent manufacturer of pressurant and propellant tanks; PCI, which produces advanced structural composite assemblies; Dynatherm, a cost-effective thermal management subsystems supplier; and AEC-Able Engineering, which constructs innovative deployable structures and solar arrays.
a leading producer of advanced components and structural assemblies for spacecraft, and Dynatherm Corp.