dynamic school

dy·nam·ic school

a group of theorists founded by G.E. Stahl, who professed the belief that all vital action is the result of an internal force independent of anything external to the body.
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In Baltimore County Public Schools, the dynamic school library program is embedded in the culture of the district, said Eileen Kern, awards committee chair.
Clergy offer a listening ear, a change of pace or an alternative perspective in an otherwise dynamic school environment," he said.
We travel globally to provide you with information to use as you wend your way toward a more relevant, inclusive, dynamic school library facility.
Commenting on the involvement of the school, Head Teacher, Sharon Common, is clearly delighted to be involved: "Our vision is one of a dynamic school, striving to improve the quality of life for its young people with aims that are very much echoed by both Business Durham and Sir Robert McAlpine.
In addition to a new chapter on the dynamic school, new features of this ninth edition of a text on educational leadership include chapter-opening questions, reflection exercises, role plays, and current research on expert teachers, plus suggestions for developing curriculum units and involving collaborative groups in school improvement.
Flagler College is a growing dynamic school with 2400 students and 300 staff members in St.
The tool can be used by schools a guide since developing a school policy is a process that takes place in a dynamic school community and is linked to changing local and national contexts.
Sport Works provides some of the most dynamic school sports in the region, ranging from dodgeball, cheer-leadingbasketball and volleyball to ultimate Frisbee and Brazilian soccer.
The enrollment decline has been starkest at Jefferson, which in the 1990s was widely regarded as a strong, dynamic school that embraced multiculturalism and served a diverse student body.
This was considered a critical aspect of the research since the implementation of a "change agent" like the gradebook occurs in a dynamic school environment that is characterized by political forces and shifting fiscal priorities.
An actor since he was 3, he discovered the dynamic school of film at USC.
The dynamic school duo of St Joseph's Charlotte Henshaw and Park Lane's Jake Woodcock have led their rivals a merry dance in their respective boys and girls races so far.
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