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dynamic relation,

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1) Montesquieu lays the foundations for a study of constitutions and political systems, engaging with the dynamic relation between laws and their objects (Montesquieu's conception of the constitution deals with rules and principles of political importance).
O'Shea repeatedly brings to the fore Sellars's distinction between the Manifest and the Scientific Images of man-in-the-world and how their dynamic relation organizes Sellars's treatment of issues in metaphysics and epistemology.
2001) examined the dynamic relation between returns, volume, and volatility of stock indices for nine countries and found mixed results.
Heather has one or two projects under he belt, including a recent poetry book, Poems of the Head in Dynamic Relation to F.
By regressing excess market returns on one-lagged values of idiosyncratic volatility, previous studies on the dynamic relation between stock returns and idiosyncratic risk focus on one-period forecasts.
In this process women's experiences were not only examined in a dynamic relation to (male defined) conventional periodization, but new concepts and questions emerged that suggested broad reinterpretations of the very periodization and narrative being (cautiously) used.
Reduced to its essence, Crozier's then distinctive way of thinking about bureaucracies stressed that 1) the core dimension of an organization is the dynamic relation between individual actors; 2) this dynamic relation is evolving contingently in a systemic environment; and 3) this dynamic relation is political in nature, that is, it's a relation of power.
So he undertook the role of the comparativist, traveling around the globe, studying the dynamic relation between religions and politics quite different (on the surface) from what is found in the American case.
The new relationship Morrison is attempting to create with the reader is an invitation, too, to search for a new kind of critical language, one capable of describing the way a reader reads a book while simultaneously reading herself, of expressing a more experimental, dynamic relation between [sic] perception, knowledge, and uncertainty than traditional critical decorum allows" (69).
But the behavior or doing of the organism is a dynamic relation between organism and medium that involves both the organism and the medium as it arises in the encounters between the organism and the medium.
Alternately forceful and diffuse, Dante and the Knot of Body and Soul offers many suggestive readings of Dante's works and their dynamic relation to classical culture.
Whorf's problem of the dynamic relation between cultural categories and thought is only compounded by the admission of fields of sensory perception, not resolved.

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