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dynamic relation,

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In Section III, we present estimation results of the dynamic relation between excess market returns and various measures of idiosyncratic volatility.
there were broad, comprehensive and dynamic relations between the two sides
Concerning Turkey-EU relations, the Turkish prime minister said there were broad, comprehensive and dynamic relations between the two sides that constantly evolved in all political, economic and cultural fields.
Regarding Turkish relations with the EU, the Turkish Premier said that there are broad, comprehensive and dynamic relations between the two sides that are constantly evolving in the framework of the EU membership talks between the two sides and in all political, economic and cultural fields.
Ambassador Sajjanhar said the exhibition had been brought to Shymkent after it was held successfully in Astana for three weeks because of the strong and dynamic relations that India has always enjoyed with this region of Central Asia.
He devotes a chapter to each project, focusing on fundamental dynamic relations and phenomena and abstracting many of the technical details.
Martin Vanacour is principal of Dynamic Relations LLC in Glendale, Ariz.
Among the greatest strengths of PWRDF is the enduring, dynamic relations with our development partners in Canada and overseas.
Now we are closer, [and we] have higher energy and [more] dynamic relations with parents.
While "relational aesthetics," the movement that privileges the production of dynamic relations over the finality of the artwork, certainly has a strong bearing on the renewal of interest in performance, it doesn't explain or exhaust the possibilities for performance that exist today--especially with figures like Martin Creed, Georgina Starr, Bob and Roberta Smith, and Annika Strom, who have openly embraced the society of the spectacle by becoming amateur rock stars.
In their search for solutions, records managers and archivists have also to take into account future developments, such as the object-oriented approach, which will lead to the integration within documents of data and procedures, and compound documents which consist of dynamic relations.
It is particularly shocking when creative bishops knit institutional church and base communities in dynamic relations, only to have the Vatican destroy this work by replacing the bishop and reimposing a hierarchical leadership style that drives out those attracted to popular participation.

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