dynamic hyperinflation

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dy·nam·ic hy·per·in·fla·tion

(dī-nam'ik hī'pĕr-in-flā'shŭn)
The increase in lung volume that occurs during mechanical ventilation when insufficient exhalation time prevents the respiratory system from returning to its resting end-expiratory equilibrium volume between breath cycles.
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Effect of bronchoscopic lung volume reduction on dynamic hyperinflation and exercise in emphysema.
However, there has been little investigation of the effect of positive expiratory pressure in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in terms of exercise endurance, dyspnoea, or dynamic hyperinflation.
We hypothesised that conical-PEP would be beneficial in increasing expiratory time via a reduction in respiratory rate and, consequently, reducing dynamic hyperinflation during exercise.
Our results clearly indicated that conical-PEP reduced dynamic hyperinflation.
Exercise training is the key component of pulmonary rehabilitation programs for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but is often limited by early exercise-induced dyspnoea aggravated by dynamic hyperinflation (O'Donnell and Webb 2008).
Also, more complex exploration of the physiological mechanisms involved in exercise limitation as a consequence of dynamic hyperinflation would have been valuable.
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This increase in PAP was probably related to dynamic hyperinflation (alveolar vessel compression), although worsening hypoxaemia (microatelectasis) and increase in venous return may have also contributed.
Patients with COPD have flow limitations due to early small airway collapse, which causes dynamic hyperinflation.

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