dynamic friction

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dy·nam·ic fric·tion

the force that must be overcome to maintain steady motion of one body relative to another because they remain in contact. Compare: starting friction.


the force between the surfaces of two objects in contact, at least one of which is moving (or tending to move) relative to the other. kinetic friction friction due to motion of one object relative to another; also known as dynamic friction. coefficient of friction dimensionless (no units) number representing friction between two bodies or objects. Calculated as the force parallel to the object or surface (tangential force) divided by the force perpendicular to the object or surface (normal force).
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Friction coefficients obtained from the dynamic friction tester were compared with the ETD calculated using measurements from the CT meter.
Bearings were considered to have better performance when they had lower measurements for static and dynamic friction, bearing and axle wear, and operating temperature.
Ray-Ran has been working on a new generation of Dedicated Microprocessor Systems to enhance the current product range, these include the MFI and Falling Dart Machines, Static & Dynamic Friction Tester and the Pendulum Impact Tester which have already been released.
Rigid PVC is characterized by an average value of dynamic friction [approximately equal to] 0.
Yarn stress is the main factor, which influence all dynamic friction characteristics.
a], show the torsional resistance to rotational movement and may be used to quantify the classic dynamic friction, or the resistance to move one surface over another at a given velocity.
The DY30 Series has integral microprocessor control and a variety of accessories for tensile and compression tests, bend, peel, tear, static or dynamic friction, and other mechanical tests.
These new additions will include a new advanced static & dynamic friction tester and an advanced pendulum impact tester.
We have been studying the low friction, and already reported the measurement of dynamic friction coefficient of cables and the development of measurement technique (1), (2), (5).
The method involved ensures the detection of the moment when the friction between the gripper fingers and the object to be grasped goes over from friction of rest to dynamic friction.

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