dynamic exercise

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isotonic exercise

A form of exercise that consists of continuous and sustained movement of the arms and legs; isotonic exercises are beneficial to the cardiorespiratory systems and include running and bicycling.

dynamic exercise

exercise in which recurrent and substantial body movements predominate.
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Blood pressure responses to dynamic exercise with lower-body positive pressure.
These findings show that the effect of dynamic exercise on BP in normotensive subjects is less clear.
SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION: Dynamic exercise produces the most striking burden on cardio respiratory systems of any of the various stresses encountered in normal life.
Acute effects of static stretching, dynamic exercises, and high volume upper extremity plyometric activity on tennis serve performance.
Hypotension following mild bouts of resistance exercise and submaximal dynamic exercise.
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Philippa Morris and Libby Thompson in action at Temple Park (right) and (bottom right) South Tyneside's Chloe Tiffin and Lucy Atkinson took silver for the dynamic exercise and bronze for the balance exercise and the overall competition in their age group
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Participating in a dynamic exercise program that combines aerobic exercise with strength training can improve the functional ability of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), according to a review in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2009, Issue 4.
What could be a dynamic exercise (and have a big impact on the organization's future success) becomes something that's simply tolerated.

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