dynamic assessment

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dy·nam·ic as·sess·ment

(dī-nam'ik ă-ses'mĕnt)
1. A process used in intervention that tests a hypothesis generated within the evaluation process facilitating evaluation of intervention efficacy.
2. Assessing the interaction involving the person, the environment, and the activity to understand more about that person's approach to a given activity; allows for adjustments in the intervention plan.
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Connecting nurses with a dynamic assessment series and a library of information, Daylight IQ improves the care of residents by addressing abnormal observations in a real-time environment.
But he conceded that there had been a "serious error" on the day of the march and that the dynamic assessment of soldiers' safety conducted by commanders on July 13 had failed.
The Big Ideas Math package includes the Dynamic Assessment and Progress MonitoringTool, Dynamic Student Edition eBook App, and DynamicTeachingTools.
These results are also consistent with reports on the utility of dynamic assessment for individuals with severe to profound intellectual disabilities (McLaughlin & Cascella, 2008; Nigam, 2001).
of Cagliari, Sardinia, and Carrigan, an educational psychologist in Scotland, explain the dynamic assessment of primary school children who have learning and behavioral difficulties and how to work with and help the child in assessment.
As shown on Figure 1, the LeStAIM framework is a theory driven strength-based assessment model, which is based on ecological theory and uses standardized, informal, and dynamic assessment to investigate cognitive processing, learning, and adjustment based on neuroscience, psychology, educational psychology, and education.
Station manager Mark White said: "On reaching the scene, fire crews made a dynamic assessment and quickly mounted a rescue operation to free the man from the vehicle.
The second approach to a second-stage screen was dynamic assessment, which measured the amount of scaffolding necessary for a student to learn a novel task; specifically, decoding pseudowords.
They were trying to tell us that is a part of an ongoing dynamic assessment which has been on since 1979 of poverty line and therefore it should be taken too much overboard.
As an alternative to this type of assessment via traditional tests, over the past 30 years we have seen the development of the so-called dynamic assessment technology in the English language bibliography (Haywood & Lidz, 2007; Lidz & Elliot, 2000; Sternberg & Grigorenko, 2002) and of the assessment of learning potential in our own context (Calero, 2004).
Dynamic assessment in practice; clinical and educational applications.
These measurements provide a more dynamic assessment of skeletal metabolism than BMD.
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