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Tan SR, Tope WD: Pulsed dye laser treatment of rosacea improves erythema, symptomatology, and quality of life.
The selective characteristics of the pulsed dye laser allow it to induce less damage to surrounding tissues, compared with other lasers.
The patient subsequently underwent pulsed dye laser treatment for some erythema along the closure of the secondary defect.
They coupled a powerful copper-vapor laser, originally developed for use in atomic-vapor-laser isotope separation, to a dye laser emitting light at the sodium wavelength of 589 nanometers.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of pulse dye laser liquid nitrogen cryo surgical unit liquid nitrogen storage tank and powered follicular extraction unit for dermatology
Once malignancy has been ruled out with a biopsy, maintenance photoangiolysis therapy with the pulsed dye laser may be appropriate in selected patients with recurrent leukoplakia.
16 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, Oon Tian Tan, Karen Sherwood and Barbara Gilchrest of the Boston University Medical Center describe testing a more accurate laser, the dye laser, on 35 patients aged 3 months to 14 years with disfiguring port-wine stains on the head and neck.
Contract award: acquisition and maintenance of a dye laser.
Usually two to three days later, a physician uses an argon-pumped dye laser to shine light on the patient's tumor and surrounding area.