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an abnormality of gait in a horse in which there is a momentary hesitation before the foot is placed on the ground.

Patient discussion about dwelling

Q. What should I do if I think there is a domestic violence in my building? I think there is a case of domestic violence going on in with my neighbors. I have heard a man hitting a woman and a woman screaming, things being thrown, etc. This type of event will happen several times a week, lasting all day. I'm not sure where my place is on this, since I don't know them, and I don’t even know what neighbor it is, but I hate just sitting here doing nothing while a man is beating a woman. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

A. I have been on the receiving end of domestic violence. I have only been out for about 1yr and 3 months. I almost lost my children due to the issues. The best thing you can do is report it. Even though the person will never leave the situation until either someone intervenes, or they almost lose their life. They can get possibly die from it. domestic issues tend to escalate instead of subsiding. Also there is the problem that the person in the situation may have been threatened and their self esteem is usually in the gutter. I wasnt allowed out of my house and when I did go out I had to look at the ground. If my boyfriend thought that i was looking at someone male or female I usually got hit.

Q. Lot’s of time at home, too close to the fridge - any tips? I’m starting my 6 months-preparation period for my finals next month, which mean I’ll spend practically all day at home, in a dangerous vicinity to the fridge. I already lost 25 pounds that I rather not gain again. Does any one have any tips how to avoid the dangers of being at home so much? ?

A. If you are used to eat something when studying (like me…), try to move to healthier options – vegetables instead of snacks, water instead of coke etc. – it can save you a lot of calories. Good luck!

Q. Is “domestic violence” can be considered a medical issue? Is it curable? My partner is showing scary signs of violence…can it be treated with some sort of medication?

A. you can also tyr to get him into an anger management class,that might also help both of you.

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Katrina-affected attributes: dwelling place damage; the disruption in basic economic activity, such as buying and selling goods and services; and physical injury
With every gathering, their dwelling place held them in time to experience a heightened sense of collective intimacy, both among themselves and with the ineffable.
It is easy to understand why the Library Journal would call Edwin Haviland Miller's Salem Is My Dwelling Place "a masterful work, highly satisfying.
Fragments of roof tile found on the site in the late 1990s confirm the presence of an elite dwelling place.
Portable storage units can offer a secure dwelling place that also frees up office space, according to said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the National Portable Storage Association, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry.
In the next five to six years, the national capital region ( NCR) itself will have about five to six lakh migrant labourers working for the realty sector alone who need a dwelling place.
Trees were the dwelling place of tree sprites and wood nymphs.
Developed by Dwelling Place, one of the leading nonprofit developers of affordable housing in Western Michigan, the 116-residence community is named in honor of Verne Barry, who is well known in Grand Rapids for his concern for the plight of homeless people.
My first work was a Catherine Cookson, The Dwelling Place, which was brilliant for me because it meant going back up North and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
A Mandala is a symbol of the universe, dwelling place of God.
Overall, a staggering 32 per cent of Brits under the age of 50 said they would prefer to live in France, while only 23 per cent chose the UK as the ideal dwelling place.
Well, yes, every church, whether a grass hut in Africa or Hagia Sophia is symbolically loaded as the special dwelling place of God.