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Etymology: ME, duete, conduct
(in law) an obligation owed by one party to another. Duty may be established by statute or other legal process, as by contract or oath supported by statute, or it may be voluntarily undertaken. Every person has a duty of care to all other people to prevent causing harm or injury by negligence.


Medical malpractice The failure or alleged failure on the part of a physician or other health care provider to exercise ordinary, reasonable, usual, or expected care, prudence, or skill–that would usually and customarily be exercised by other reputable physicians treating similar Pts–in performing a legally recognized duty, resulting in forseeable harm, injury or loss to another; negligence may be an act of omission–ie, unintentional, or commission–ie, intentional, characterized by inattention, recklessness, inadvertence, thoughtlessness, or wantonness. See Adverse event, Comparative negligence, Contributory negligence, Gross negligence, Malpractice, Wanton negligence, Willful negligence. Cf Recklessness.
Negligence, required elements  
Duty A recognized relationship between Pt and physician
Breach Failure of a medical practitioner to practice in accordance with standard of care
Proximate cause The plaintiff must show that injury is reasonably connected to physician's action
Damages Plaintiff must show that alleged loss or damage has a quantifiable value such that a monetary payment can be made APLM 1997; 121:252


(doo′tē, dū′)
A social, professional, legal, or ethical expectation that compels a standard of performance; an obligation or requirement.


n that which is due from a person; that which a person owes to another; an obligation.
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A ban on duty-free sales next year has already been agreed by EU governments - but now the Commission is under pressure to reconsider the impact of abolishing the travellers' perk on boat and plane journeys.
This report quantitatively examines the components of change in the market by looking at historic and future growth patterns includinghow changes in consumers' behaviour have affected the retail sector for different productcategories through Duty-Free Retailers.
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Under the abolition plan, only duty-free sales within the EU will be banned.
Britain, Ireland, Germany and France were the only states to back the call - seven years after ministers decided unanimously that duty-frees must end.
Britain, Ireland, Germany and France were the only member states to call on the European Commission to launch a new inquiry - seven years after ministers decided unanimously that duty-frees must end.
Transport unions are set to demonstrate at a duty-free champagne reception for diplomats in Brussels today.
Tax free sales are typically of perfumes, cosmetics and skincare products, compared with the duty-free sales of spirits and tobacco, he said.
Holidaymakers are likely to face higher air and ferry fares because profits from duty-free shopping currently subsidise travel costs.
The European Union plan to end duty-free as part of their drive towards a single market.