dusting powder

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dusting powder

Any fine powder for dusting on skin.

absorbable dusting powder

Powder prepared from cornstarch. It was used in the past to prevent surgical gloves from sticking. It is no longer used as it may cause foreign body reaction (starch granuloma) and/ or tissue adhesions; powder-free gloves are used instead.


an aggregation of particles obtained by grinding or triturating a solid.

dusting powder
a fine powder used as a talc substitute.
glove powder
sterile and special grind for powdering surgical gloves.
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Each scent is included in nine different products,from eau de par fum and perfumed dusting powder to body creams and shower gel.
Leclerc body dusting powder (pounds 23, 01273 408 800) - it sounds strange but it looks really glam.
Delagar has upgraded the color of its dusting powder containers to create a stronger, more contemporary shelf presence.
There's also handcream, body lotion, body cream and dusting powder.
Burt's Bees dusting powder was recently repackaged in a 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, bright yellow shaker bottle.
Talc used to be clean, white and boring, now you can lose yourself in a cloud of gold glitter with Lush's Bare Naked Lady, Dusting Powder, pounds 3.
Some of its features are: viscoelastic rheology, good suspending ability and conditioning properties, ease of dispersion, no neutralization needed, higher resistance to temperature stress, low dusting powder, high storage stability and compatibility with cationic and non-ionic surfactants.
The Unforgettable bath and body Jewels line consists of cleanser, moisturizer, body cream and dusting powder.
Tenders are invited for Supply of pesticides, dusting powder and spraying pesticides for city cleanliness
Boudoir Dusting Powder by Vivienne Westwood: This luxurious product is bliss.
For extra glamour try pink dusting powder (Superdrug Shimmer Tin pounds 6) on your cheekbones.