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In another very significant line of cases, the court held that dispositional departures (but not durational departures) may be based on individualized assessments of the offender's "amenability" to probation or prison.
Parties seeking bridge-the-gap or durational alimony could have overcome that presumption by demonstrating by a preponderance of the evidence that such an award was appropriate.
For example, the VV/V durational ratio measured in (CV.
Given the disconnect between many state statutory provisions and existing scholarship addressing Jackson's durational inquiries, change is needed to ensure that these directives remain vibrant and due process respected.
the provisions that restricted durational residency requirements,
A problematic question arises as to what durational threshold must be crossed in order for the use of a pattern-detecting technology to be sufficiently prolonged as to render it a search.
In this case, place was the instigator of breaking chronological time with durational time.
Of the three basic options, then, local citizenship centering a durational residency requirement looks most attractive insofar as it would best correlate to social membership.
They are durational experiences and must be experienced in their totality and, if possible, within physical proximity.
This repetitive action, with tempo and durational changes in time, is echoed in the delivery of text.
The Parity law really addresses equity on durational and financial limitations of coverage," says Andrew Sperling, director of federal legislative advocacy for the National Allianceon Mental Illness (NAMI).
MONARCH Holidays, the longest established Finnish Lapland specialist, has introduced selfcatering options for its three, four and five night durational trips for the first time in its 21 years of operation to the destination.