durable medical equipment

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necessary tools or provisions.
durable medical equipment nonexpendable articles primarily used for medical purposes in cases of illness or injury; this includes hospital beds, respirators, walkers, and apnea monitors.

dur·a·ble med·i·cal equip·ment

(DME) (dūr'ă-bĕl med'i-kăl ĕ-kwip'mĕnt)
Rented or purchased medical equipment ordered by a health care provider for use in the home. These items must be reusable (e.g., hospital beds, wheelchairs, lifts).

durable medical equipment

(door′ă-bĕl, dūr′),


Assistive devices used by patients, e.g., walkers, electric beds, and bedside commodes.
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The feeling within the industry is that time is being given for durable medical equipment providers to determine if their joint venture agreement is legal and correct.
The purchase provides us with a growing presence in the durable medical equipment marketplace," Elliott said.
The Durable Medical Equipment Billing Guide can be obtained by calling (800) 632-0123.
The Company provides home infusion therapy, home health nursing, respiratory therapy, durable medical equipment and other home health services.
Home durable medical equipment (HDME) providers and home care agencies (HCA) render services and products to members who are at home recovering from surgery or illness, or those who have chronic illnesses requiring special medical equipment or services.
is a leading provider of comprehensive home health services, delivering nursing related patient services, respiratory therapy, infusion therapy and durable medical equipment.
George, Utah, to form a jointly owned durable medical equipment services and rental company in the area comprised of southern Utah, southern Nevada and northern Arizona.
Baron's insight to further the company's business plan of acquiring organizations in the orthopedic Durable Medical Equipment, urodynamic diagnostic and treatment product industries.
MCT is a closely held corporation which develops, designs, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs and other mobility products.
We are pleased to partner with MEDIQ/PRN, one of the leading companies in leasing and renting durable medical equipment to healthcare facilities," said John Haugo, Serving Software's president and CEO.
For AMI, the acquisition will represent another consolidation in the orthopedic durable medical equipment (DME) market and furthers the Company's objective of consolidating businesses to increase revenue, gain efficiencies and increase profit margins.

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