durable medical equipment

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necessary tools or provisions.
durable medical equipment nonexpendable articles primarily used for medical purposes in cases of illness or injury; this includes hospital beds, respirators, walkers, and apnea monitors.

dur·a·ble med·i·cal equip·ment

(DME) (dūr'ă-bĕl med'i-kăl ĕ-kwip'mĕnt)
Rented or purchased medical equipment ordered by a health care provider for use in the home. These items must be reusable (e.g., hospital beds, wheelchairs, lifts).

durable medical equipment

(door′ă-bĕl, dūr′),


Assistive devices used by patients, e.g., walkers, electric beds, and bedside commodes.
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The feeling within the industry is that time is being given for durable medical equipment providers to determine if their joint venture agreement is legal and correct.

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