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duiker, duyker

small (up to 50 lb) antelope. Includes gray duiker (Sylvicapre grimmia) and Cephalophus spp.
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Desiree stopped the car and Mike asked him if we could still call the duiker in?
Blue duikers dropped 26 per cent; larger red duikers 42 per cent; and yellow-backed duikers 59 per cent.
This food source helps sustain the local antelope, which are called duikers.
For instance, diminished populations of a local species of antelope, called duikers, has led many hunters to turn to the gorillas for food; the researchers thus suggest that permitting selective logging would result in new vegetation growth that would help sustain the duiker populations and make the gorillas less tempting.
But now, according to a report in National Geographic News, a recent study found DNA from monkeys and small forest antelopes called duikers in the feces of wild African mountain gorillas in Loango National Park in Gabon in Africa.
A 14,000-hectare protected safari park, Lekedi Reserve, was mapped out across territory with a range of habitats, including savannah, gallery forest and dense primary and secondary tropical forest, as well as rivers, lakes and mangroves that provide habitat for a range of indigenous West African wildlife, including western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards, duikers, buffalo and 150 species of bird.
The virus infects people, gorillas, chimpanzees, and small antelope called duikers.
La isla de Chumbe acoge a otro animal en peligro de extincion: Ader's Duikers, el antilope mas pequeno del mundo, endemico de Zanzibar, y del que quedan menos de 500 ejemplares.
We all saw duikers during the hunt, but only South actually got a shot.
30 Duikers are small and shy types of which kind of African animal?
Studies in Africa have demonstrated that Ebola virus outbreaks can be preceded by deaths in primates as well as in other animal species such as duikers (type of antelope) (17), but whether a generalized attack that used Ebola virus in the United States would affect certain animal species first is unknown.