duck walk

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duck walk

met·a·tar·sus val·gus

(met'ă-tahr'sŭs val'gŭs)
Fixed deformity in which the forepart of the foot is rotated on the long axis of the foot, so that the plantar surface faces away from the midline of the body, whereas the heel remains straight.
Synonym(s): duck walk, toeing out.
[meta- + G. tarsos, flat surface, sole, + L. valgus, bent]


, duck walk (dŭk′wok″)
To ambulate in a crouched position with the buttocks just above the heels.
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Functional weight training means exercise that stimulates every muscle related to her activities for the pageant, like duck walk (define) for her walking, Bozu and core board to challenge her core endurance for activities that will require her to sustain the right form during pictorials and on the ramp," he said.
I want to travel for a little while and try to figure things out," the social science and psychology major said while waiting for the start of the Duck Walk, a new tradition at the UO.
Well I say it's rock 'n' roll that's kept me young, I still do the Chuck Berry duck walk on stage and it feels like 40 years ago, and like then I still love every minute of it.
THIS time last year we buried your daughter at Knockbreda Cemetery after her remains were discovered in March 2002 on Duck Walk in Carryduff, near the Lough Moss Centre.
Medley: 180kg duck walk into 320kg frame carry for 15m each - Johnston has completed in training.
Walker told stories and made numerous jokes, even imitating Chuck Berry's famous duck walk with a chuckle between each step.
Angus Young dusts off his school uniform for another duck walk through the band's latest collection classic rock tunes.
Luke instructs the patient to do a duck walk, which will indicate whether there are any problems with the hips or knees.
TWO years ago next month the remains of your daughter were found by children on Duck Walk in Carryduff, near the Lough Moss Centre.
From Muddy's duck walk and guitar solos played behind his head to antics like flaming guitars, MuddyKing fans have grown accustomed to great live performances.