duck waddle

duck wad·dle

(dŭk wah'dĕl)
A peculiar pattern of walking associated with congenital hip dysplasia.
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Walle, who was a last-minute entrant, impressed the judges with his huge head and short, thick stature, which includes a humped back and duck waddle.
Doing his usual cocky duck waddle out of the posh pounds 1,300 a night Portland Hospital, the awful Oasis brother's perpetual surly snarl was apparently quite wiped off his scruffy face.
Walle was a last-minute entrant in the 25th annual World's Ugliest Dog competition and scooped the title from the 29 other contenders due to his huge head, short thick stature and a duck waddle, officials (https://www.
The perennially flappable Donald Duck waddles into his second half-century this summer.