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Tri-Way's dual personality also shows up in the design of system elements such as chip handling and guarding.
And the dual personality doesn't refer simply to counter-spies, but to Hapgood herself and others.
The GS F is the latest vehicle to join Lexus high-performance F line as a very balanced sedan with genuine dual personality, equally adept at trimming lap times and the commute back home.
Ironically, the smallness and lightness of the vehicle is actually an asset, endowing them the sort of dual personality that makes them equally at home on tarmac or dirt.
In fact, Dr Janardhan added, this "permanent state of impermanence" has led to a sort of a dual personality development of third-culture and second-generation Asian expats.
A beautiful picture book which explores the dual personality of cats in a very simple yet effective way.
Wang also explained that the PAD4 gene's dual personality, on one hand a helpful defense against bacteria, while on the other, a harmful silencer of cancer-suppressor genes can be understood from the perspectives of evolution and longer life spans.
Holidaying in Heavenly on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, which straddles the California/Nevada border on America's west coast, means wholeheartedly embracing the resort's dual personality.
There's really a dual personality there," said Barth.
Terms and concepts that have become commonplace - Oedipus complex, neurosis, psychosis, repression, depression, suppression, ego, id, hysteria, phobia, dual personality, trauma, the unconscious - have their roots in the procedures that Freud, Jung and others developed.
Franchitti also knows all too well about Tracy's dual personality.