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Q. What Causes Dry Eyes? I have been suffering from eye dryness lately, what causes this situation?

A. Dry eyes are often caused when the lacrimal gland does not produce sufficient tears to keep the entire conjunctiva and cornea, that are normally covered by a complete layer of tear film. This usually occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. Increased age is associated with decreased tearing. if it causes you real discomfort talk to a doctor.

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org/help-and-advice/factsheets/vaginal-dryness, vaginal dryness and looseness can affect any woman, however after the menopause it is very common, affecting over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51 and 60.
Medical experts warned citizens as dry cold has increased skin dryness and allergy to the extent of Psoriasis, itching, common cold, pain in joints, respiratory tract infection, cough and flu, wheezy chest, high grade fever and stomach upset to the extent of watery stools.
Designed to keep eyes lubricated and comfortable while you sleep, Retaine PM is a preservative-free, oil-based formula that seals in moisture while protecting against nighttime dryness and exposure for relief throughout the day.
According to the company, the same hormonal changes that cause internal vaginal dryness can also contribute to external vaginal discomfort.
An investigation by German scientists discovered that polyphenols in green tea may serve your skin well by offering up protection against UV radiation, as well as improving measures of skin quality such as elasticity and dryness.
The findings showed that phytoestrogen interventions, such as dietary and supplemental soy isoflavones, were associated with improvement in daily hot flashes and vaginal dryness but not night sweats.
Use lubricating gels and jellies - these can be a great help if vaginal dryness is a problem.
ISLAMABAD -- Persistent dryness and cold has caused considerable increase in diseases related to dry and cold weather among people.
It also helps to relieve skin irritation and dryness in cases of eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.
The reduction in dryness and peeling could, potentially, increase compliance with tretinoin treatment, especially in the first few weeks when retinoid reactions are most likely to occur, Dr.
Our results suggest that topical corticosteroids reduce peeling and dryness early in treatment.
An article in the March 2016 issue of Menopause reports a role for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in relieving vaginal symptoms such as dryness and painful sex in postmenopausal women.