dry dressing

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dry dress·ing

dry gauze or other material applied to a wound.

dry dressing

a plain dressing containing no medication, applied directly to an incision or a wound to prevent contamination or trauma or to absorb secretions.

dry dressing

A dressing consisting of dry gauze, absorbent cotton, or other dry material.
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1. any of various materials used for covering and protecting a wound. A pressure dressing is used for maintaining constant pressure, as in the control of bleeding. A protective dressing is applied to shield a part from injury or from septic infection.
2. of a carcass of meat see carcass dressing.

biological dressing
skin grafts.
dry dressing
support and pressure bandages not applied to moist wounds.
occlusive dressing
plastic film placed over medication that has been applied to the skin enhances absorption by trapping moisture, raising skin temperature and concentrating the medication.
dressing percentage
see carcass yield.
wet dressing
soaking of a bulky dressing to aid in cleansing, drainage and débridement of a wound. May be applied intermittently or continuously.
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25) Open-weave bandages to keep a dry dressing in place but open to the air to help healing.
If blisters burst cover them with a clean dry dressing to prevent infection.
Make sure the children use their own towel and bed sheets and try to keep the affected areas completely covered with long trousers or a light dry dressing.
The secret of the Accordis design is a gel that moulds itself to the wound and keeps it moist, making the dressing's removal much less painful than that of a traditional dry dressing.
Table 4-12: Selected Dry Dressing (Woven and Nonwoven) Currently on the Market
Meanwhile, keep the area clean and dry and cover it in a non-adhesive dry dressing.
A dry dressing over it may help and you may need some antibiotics from the doctor.