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Shireen, a 40-year-old woman, was so taken in by the beats that she wanted to learn drumming.
Probably the best known outside of Africa is the djembe - a goblet-shaped hand drum from West Africa which has inspired something of a craze in African drumming classes.
It reaches a point where you don't know whether the drumming is following the dancing, or the dancing, the drumming.
This dynamic, powerful and unique experience of group drumming was brought to the Middle East when Julie-Anne Odell, managing director of Jupiter Eclipse Limited, stumbled upon community drum circles as a result of her passion for holistic healing.
Those days it can get extremely noisy out on local waters when schools of blackdrum make their deep drumming sounds.
Chartered clinical and forensic psychologist Kirsty Lowe believes her monthly recreational drumming circle can help create calmness and a sense of order.
Ludwig Drum Company was originally founded in 1909, by the drumming brothers William Snr and Theobold.
The pair staged an exclusive two-hour drumming workshop at Newcastle College's Rye Hill Campus in Scotswood Road, which had been jointly organised by the Newcastle Drum Centre and the Drum Shop, in Gateshead.
This introductory hand-drumming course will teach basic drum patterns, how to play with a group, the rudiments of improvisation and the drumming practices of other cultures.
If world drumming is of interest then Japanese taiko drums must be on the list of things to learn about; and there's no better place to learn than through the pages of THE WAY OF TAIKO, covering the rich history and playing of Japanese taiko drums.
Teach Yourself Drums is thoroughly "user friendly" and a welcome addition to personal and music school instructional resources for anyone seeking to learn the basics of drumming.
Olatunji, one of the world's most influential music icons, was revered among drummers as one of the bridges between African drumming and its revival in America.